The Power of a Dollar

Melissa O'Sullivan

Let's talk about the power of one dollar. Often when people purchase items with a charitable component it is a percent of the purchase. Like 20% of this purchase is donated to <insert special interest>.

What many consumers don't readily know from packaging is what is that 20% based on? Their profit after expenses? Their wholesale pricing? Certainly not the retail price most consumers assume. Unless its 100% consumers are often not sure how much they are actually "donating."

On that note: AHT believes in transparency. Every time we contribute $1 per shirt to Autistic causes - you will hear about it right here on our blog. Our donation is based on quantity of sales and has no tricky sliding percentile scale behind the scenes. 

If we sell 100 shirts. A 100 dollar check will be written. If we sell 1000 shirts a 1000 dollar check will be written and so on. We are a for profit company with a charitable component. Our stability as a start-up requires that we stay at the one dollar mark, but as I sit to start my ledger for our future contributions, the dollars are already adding up! 

*Jake Soper also will receive a one dollar royalty per shirt in perpetuity.




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