Donations & Profit

We donate $1 to Autistic causes per shirt purchased at AUTISTIC HERO TEESHIRTS. Every artist that works for us receives $100 each time their design is used (that comes out to a $1 per shirt royalty to Jake or any featured artist).

We donate often to Kulture City and we were also lucky enough to be able to make a sizable shirt donation to the All in for Autism 2015 event hosted by the Nazr Mohammed Foundation in Chicago paid for in charitable dollars. In 2016 we made a large t-shirt/custom design donation to the Ridgewood High School RISe program which we used our charity dollars to fund on their behalf. In 2017 we have been able to continue our contributions to as well as donating shirts (paid for with charitable dollars) to Hugs of Compassion in Hemlock, NY.

How do we choose where to donate? It is actually quite easy. Kulture City reached out to introduce themselves to us as did The Nazr Mohammed Foundation. Jake attends the RISe Program which services autistic students, so we felt connected to their work. Etc.

If you feel your organization could receive our help, drop us a line and tell us about yourself in the form below.

We also have bartered with ASD companies such as Tuck's Tooques and are interested in future barters, so reach out and tell us about yourself and how you benefit the Autistic community.

The dollars add up!