About Jake

Jake Soper started making the artwork for AUTISTIC HERO TEESHIRTS when he was about 10 or 11 years old.

In 2011, I (Melissa O'Sullivan) found comic panels Jake had drawn with his characters and colored some of them in. It sparked my imagination and Jake and started thinking about forming AUTISTIC HERO TEESHIRTS.  I kept looking at the drawings and thinking how great they would be on t-shirts and children's items.

Jake was very private about his drawing and it was quite an adventure getting to this point. He used to hide his notebooks! The process of sharing his drawings and seeing people like his work and admire his creativity has been very fulfilling for Jake. He has become enthusiastic to share these images thanks to all the great web and community feedback he has gotten. He now loves that he inspired this business. Jake has grown up a lot recently, but like me will always have a soft spot for these characters and loves AUTISTIC HERO TEESHIRTS! He also likes that he earns an age appropriate royalty income of $1 per T-shirt that is separate from our $1 charitable donation :) He is treated like a proper artist here at AHT.

Jake struggles like many autistic people  - but makes me proud every day. I love that he lets me use his images and has built this business with me. We live and operate AUTISTIC HERO TEESHIRTS out of Ridgewood, New Jersey.  

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