Melissa O'Sullivan

Hey AHT fans!

People constantly approach us at AHT about kids on the spectrum they know that are awesome artists like Jake...every street fair we attend we are literally BLOWN AWAY by the rave reviews we get about the Autistic artists among us.

Well...we have thought long and hard and we want to see some of this art! We also want to support it. AHT is setting up an open offer of $100 for images from awesome Autistic artists. Can you believe it?

Now what does that mean for Mom and Dad or selected artists? Well they have to scan in the image and send it to:

Please include your name, age, how to contact you for more information, and a little about yourself. Autistic artists only please!

If you are selected* by AHT to be a participating artist, we will pay you $100 for your design and your artwork and story will be featured at on a "featured artist" T-shirt! You will also receive a complimentary copy of your featured shirt and be in our Facebook store.

AHT is not just about Jake. Jake is only the beginning. AHT is about art and family and Autistic awareness, but mostly its about being positive and doing your best.

Send us your images artists! We can not wait to see them! Make us proud! We will contact you if your image is being considered.

*completely at the discretion of Autistic Hero T-shirt staff members who and when artists will be selected. Image release required at the time of selection.


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